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You may reserve a stay at the Décentrale if you are involved in activities and tasks of Synergiehub projects or participating in such workshops. A contribution is due for each day on which you come and visit or stay on the Décentrale property.

The standard daily rate for these contributions is €16/day (ƒ320 ).

There are 12 slots available for overnight stays in our dormitories on the premises on any given day. These are made available on a “first requested, first reserved” bases and are offered at no additional cost. Other, external accommodation may be available at an additional charge upon request.

As a regular participant you may benefit from a Synergiehub fellowship to get a reduction on the daily contributions.

To facilitate the planning of your stays, the schedule of synergiehub activities can serve you as an indicator for what topics we intend to focus on during any time period. You can propose additional workshops, join workshops as a participant and offer to present or mentor workshops others have proposed.

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