House Conventions

1. Love & Peace

2. Be considerate in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others.

3. The raison d'ĂȘtre is to improve the quality of all live.

And the following...

Residents need to properly self-organize to maintain not only the house hold but the house.
Involve the stakeholders and make sure you have consent. Don't decide stuff that impacts others without involving them in the decision. Ideally, make proposals and give others 72 hours to consider and give feedback.

Things that are to do should be added as a card in Trello.
Documents should be stored in Google Drive.
Proposals should be discussed in Loomio.
Communication should be flowing through Telegram.

We know there are better tools. Have you considered Scuttlebot, for example? When such tools are ready for us and we are ready for them, we will migrate.

The kitchen of the house is vegan. The refrigerator and freezer is vegan. The pans are vegan.
Keeping animal products in the rooms is ok, as long as others staying in that room consent to it. Don't force others to see you consume that stuff.
Other than that, food and cooking is self-organized amongst the current residents. Cooking and eating together is encouraged.

PET, glas, aluminum foil and cans belong in the recycling (by the fire house near the tennis).
Newspaper and magazines, as well as carton boxes, we collect and bring down to the community recycling area in St-Imier.
Other plastic, paper and cartons belong in the garbage.
Black garbage bags always need to go into yellow bags that cover the garbage tax.

No problems with drugs are tolerated. Getting into an argument about it counts as a problem and the drugs must go. When in doubt whether something is a drug or not, it's a drug.

If the resident concierge tells you that you have to pack and go immediately, you have to pack and go immediately. No discussion.
You can later arrange for an appointment to discuss what happend, how to rectify the situation and whether to go on.

We never make decisions. Instead we agree on the direction in which to proceed. We search the consensus.

May 2015