Décentrale House Conventions

This property is a co-working space where you can self-organize for collaborating on Synergiehub projects. The Synergiehub is an open network, that aims to transform society towards a self-empowered culture of synergetic cooperation for improving the quality of all life and the commons.

This space invites you to participate in projects for fair economy, grassroots governance, free education and citizen journalism. The projects of the Synergiehub include activities in the domains agriculture, housing, health and technology. You are welcome to stay here while working on such projects. Not welcome are activities with a competitive culture, that centralize power or which are in any other way directly or indirectly harmful to other beings.

The rates for using the Décentrale co-working space is 16.- per day and 8.- for a short visits of a couple of hours. As a regular you can become a fellow and get reductions on these rates.

When working together at the Synergiehub and participating in projects at the Décentrale, it is important to that we use the Synergiehub tools you'll find listed at https://wiki.synergiehub.ch/tools
Make sure you join the Synergiehub Telegram group, as it is the essential communication and coordination tool for us: https://t.me/synergiehub

Residents need to properly self-organize to maintain not only the house hold but the house. For the coordination of such activities and projects on the property, organize weekly meetings at 17h on Thursdays. Involve the stakeholders and make sure you have consent. Don't decide stuff that impacts others without involving them in the process.

If you are sleeping here, the concierge will help you find a free space. Please make sure you use bed linen, which you will find in the middle cabinet on the first floor.

The following people can sleep over:

  • fellows staying at the Décentrale for co-working as a group
  • people coming to participate in a Synergiehub related event
  • people working on agreed tasks as assigned to them in Trello
  • active concierges

Food and cooking is self-organized amongst the current residents. You will be shown the kitchen and the appliances that you will need to prepare your meals. Be aware that this space is vegan when you purchase the ingredients for your meal plan.

Help to recycle! PET, glas, aluminum foil and cans belong in the recycling (by the fire house near the tennis). Newspaper and magazines, as well as carton boxes, needs to be collected and brought down to the community recycling area in St-Imier. Other plastic, paper and cartons belong in the garbage. Black garbage bags always need to go into yellow bags that cover the garbage tax.

Like every self-organized space, we demand you to clean your own dishes and to organize the different cleaning tasks. The day of your departure, please bring your bedsheets down to the laundry and make sure you clean your room and the spaces you used.

No problems with drugs are tolerated. Getting into an argument about it counts as a problem and the drugs must go. When in doubt whether something is a drug or not, it's a drug.

If the resident concierge tells you that you have to pack and go immediately, you have to pack and go immediately. No discussion. You can later arrange for an appointment to discuss what happend, how to rectify the situation and whether to go on.

You can find more information that will be useful during your stays at the Décentrale in the Décentrale Welcome-Guide: https://wiki.synergiehub.ch/welcome

May 2015, updated February 2019